ElasticSearch Usage Statistics

This page contains anonymous usage statistics gathered from thousands of ElasticHQ users. It is a small sampling across the entire ElasticSearch user-base. Its purpose is to inform the community on the vast use of ElasticSearch as a dependable real-time search and analytics engine...

Largest Average
Number of Nodes 986 4
Number of Data Nodes 983 3
Number of Primary Shards 79,046 294
Number of Replica Shards 108,910 222
Number of Indices 30,725 78
Number of Mapping Types 183,643 240
Number of Documents 528,688,496,098 588,196,329
Store Size 319.89 TB 339.57 GB
Total System Memory 9,007.20 TB 118.53 GB
Total Heap Committed 300.00 GB 5.74 GB
Number of CPU Cores 512 8
Number of Installed Plugins 31 2

The most commonly used version of ElasticSearch is 1.5.2.
The most commonly used Java Version is 1.8.0

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